Tips For Maintaining Decks & Patios

During the summer months, most people love to hang out on their decks and patios, catching the sun and talking with their friends. Decks and patios are one of the best forms of home extension in terms of the amount of enjoyment that they offer. If you want to enjoy your deck for many summers to come, be sure to take good care of it.

Winter weather conditions can do a lot of damage to even relatively new patios. It is important that you catch damage as soon as it occurs to stop it from spreading. Simple maintenance is the best form of insurance against severe damage. Replacing boards, touching up damaged paint and fixing loose screws is quick and easy and will save you a lot of expensive work in the future. Some forms of damage could even lead to problems in the adjoining wall of your house.

Make basic preventative maintenance a part of your annual DIY Calendar so that you get into the habit of doing it automatically. Instead of waiting for visible damage to appear, check the condition of you patio regularly, and repair problems as soon as they arise. As soon as the weather starts to improve, wash your patio and give it a look over for damage. Remember that damp proofing needs to be re-done every couple of years, and spring is a good time to do this. Make a list of every item that needs maintained. Don’t forget to check wiring, plumbing and any portable electrical appliances that you might use in the garden, because damaged wires can cost lives.

You should put together an end of summer routine too, which involves putting away any furniture that is likely to get damaged by wind, rain or snow, and cleaning out the conservatory and patio. It’s worth doing a quick structural check at the beginning of autumn too. Put away any items that you do not want to leave exposed to the elements, and make sure that garden appliances and tools are locked away securely. Never let damage spread unchecked.

Debris and litter can cause moss or mold and collect damp. Clean up litter and debris as often as possible, even during the winter. It does not take long to sweep leaves away and it will save you a lot of hassle in the long term.

Always put safety first when doing any maintenance work. If you have a roof over your deck, take care when cleaning or fixing it. Do not try to work on a roof if you do not have the skills or safety equipment required to do so. it is best to have a friend with you while working on any potentially dangerous areas, just in case you need assistance. Never take risks with your life.

High-quality decks and patios will last a lifetime. Protect your investment by keeping it clean, free of mold and mildew, and in a good state of repair for as long as possible. Some occasional repair work is well worth it for the number of enjoyable evenings that your deck or patio will give you.